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Song of the Whale's first expedition to the Arctic Circle
Song of the Whale's first expedition to the Arctic Circle

Rogers Yacht Design has been working closely with IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) for several years on the development of a new steel marine research sailing vessel designed to replace their existing Oyster 46, Song of the Whale (SotW). It will be one of the few dedicated marine mammal research vessels in the world and will, like SotW, act as a research station and platform for education and conservation projects.

The most significant aspect of the design from a technical stand point has been the minimising of noise (mechanical and electrical), as it is acoustic research which forms the basis of much of the work conducted. Electrical noise has been minimised by establishing a Faraday's Cage around the entire engine room, whilst all mechanical items including the main engine, gear box and generators have been carefully selected and matched to minimise mechanical noise.

Tank testing has allowed us to confirm powering requirements, tracking ability, balance and deck wetting effects in a sea-way. This project is extremely high profile and has been endorsed by celebrities such as: Sir David Attenborough, Sir Steve Redgrave CBE and Pierce Brosnan. The new Song of the Whale, built by Blondecell Ltd will be launched in Southampton in mid April, 2004; sea trials will follow. The boats main International launch will take place in London during May/ June 2004 where she will be blessed by a high profile celebrity.

For more information please log onto: www.ifaw.org/sotw

IFAW 70 Interior layout

Interior layout

IFAW 70 / Wolfson Unit - tank testing

Under sail

IFAW 70 / Wolfson Unit - tank testing

IFAW / Wolfson Unit - tank testing

IFAW 70 Build in progress

Build in progress

IFAW 70 Cockpit in build

Cockpit in build

IFAW 70 Systems


IFAW 70 out of the shed!

Out of the shed!

IFAW 70 ready for mast stepping

Ready for mast stepping

IFAW 70 Window detail

Window detail